Arndale/Beacon Delays Update!

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Delays announced on the long-running construction and redevelopment of the Arndale/Beacon Centre….

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Construction on the former Arndale centre on Eastbourne’s Terminus Road began in early 2017.

The newly named Beacon Centre will offer more shopping opportunities for the public, with a newly built extension providing 22 new shopping units, seven new restaurants and a 9-screen cinema.

However, the planned completion of the project this September now faces some major setbacks.

Earlier this morning, received information regarding further construction and repositioning of vital service drainage and high voltage cabling.

These issues look to push back completion of the project to later on in the year.

 Terminus Road is already being affected, with single-lane traffic and major public transport links being disrupted.

We approached Mildren Construction, responsible for works on the site, for a comment on how this will continue to effect traffic in the area. But at this time they were unwilling to provide us with a comment.

Taken from the East Sussex Highways statement 12th June 2018:

“Regrettably I must inform you that we are currently experiencing a number of difficulties on site which has significantly delayed progress of the works in Terminus Road. The condition and location of the service pipes has forced us to reconsider our design options particularly on drainage. A high voltage (HV) cable has also been located that will require special measures to divert. Mildren Construction have undertaken extensive trial holes and surveys along Terminus Road enabling us to consider all options to mitigate further delays and minimize any additional cost.

Until we have a full and complete response from several Utility Companies we are not able to develop a revised program but it is apparent that these challenges will cause a delay in our program. However, given the progress to date I should inform you completing Terminus Road on or before the key date of 21st September 2018 is unlikely. We are, however, confident that the North footway from the railway station along Terminus Road past the Beacon will be completed allowing full access to the main entrance on opening day.”

UPDATE 13th June 2018: have received this statement from East Sussex County Council, regarding further works on the site:

“Early excavation on the Eastbourne town centre improvement scheme located large areas of concrete that covered the junction with Ashford Road and most of Terminus Road opposite the railway station.”

“We are currently reviewing the design for this section by raising the level of the road slightly. This would avoid having to remove the concrete slab and reduce the risk of encountering services such as water and electricity.”

“Once we have completed the design amendments we will be reviewing the works programme to try and maintain key dates for completing Terminus Road. It is too early to say whether this will have any impact on the expected completion date for the project.”

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