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Your Sex Life Starts Here

I believe that everyone deserves to have an epic sex life. I believe your sexuality is key to who you are as a human; if we’re not working with your sexuality, we’re not working with all of YOU.

 So, what is sex coaching?

Sex Coaching is a dynamic process; it’s the relationship between me and you to help you realize your sexual self and help you be the person you really are.

Sex Coaching is the fusion of the, ‘What’ of Sexology and the, ‘How’ of Applied Coaching.

Sexology is the study of human sexual behaviour and how we think and feel about it. A sexologist (that’s me!) is someone who has studied human sexuality and helps people with their sexual concerns.

Coaching is goal oriented, solution focused to get you there. It’s non pathologizing. Instead, it’s embracing the full spectrum of sexual behaviour moving you to your ultimate sexual self.

A sex coaching session is structured to be empowering, fun, collaborative and healing. We work together. I’m your ally and your biggest cheerleader, but I’ll also hold you accountable. Sometimes you may hear things you don’t like. Change can be challenging, so know that I’m here to guide you through.

As part of the process, I give you home-play assignments. The magic happens in between the sessions when you work at home. Think of this as time just for you, an investment in your happiness.




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