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My name is Pete Lacey and I’m proud to be Eastbourne born and bred.  Just like everyone, a lover of music but to say my taste is eclectic would be an understatement. Having said that I do have a favourite band which is Genesis – yes, from their early work right through to their more commercial period. Sorry, I’m not a purist on that score :o). If asked for a favourite period of music I’d have to say the 80s but generally, I’m very open to all genres.

I’ve always had a strong interest in the local music scene but will admit over the years I’ve dipped in and out as life, work commitments and family responsibilities have allowed.

A couple of years ago a change in my circumstances allowed me more time to spend in going around the town’s music scene listening and enjoying.

Looking at the what was happening with a slightly fresher perspective it was obvious local live music was more vibrant than ever with many local bands producing a good quality of performances.

I’d be the first to say I’m a late starter to radio but it’s always been an ambition to give it a go with the maxim ‘better than late than never’

Although completely new to radio, I have had a little bit of experience in presenting and compering, which once I ‘find my feet’ will help. For a number of years up to the year 2000 I was a DJ doing gigs at functions – back in the old days with no computer, but instead CD’s and a double deck player. My last performance being a Y2000 Millenium gig – that was the longest session I ever did of nearly 8 hours – nothing like going out with a bang!

For two years running from 2013, I had the privilege to compere the Eastbourne 999 Weekend event on Western Lawns showcasing the skills of our dedicated emergency services personnel.

I have also done event presentations in the past in such areas as my past association with Eastbourne United FC where I was also an assistant coach in the youth football setup there.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell and I look forward to the possibility of you listening in to what I hope you will find an entertaining, informative and interesting addition to the digital radio content.

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