Pollie Rafferty – PartyLite Consultant

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My name is Pollie and I started my Partylite Journey a little over 3 years ago. I went to a party for the cocktails, left my purse at home as I didn’t do candles and ended up calling my husband for my card details so I could buy some scent sticks!

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I was changing jobs and needed a bit of extra income so asked about the opportunity, I felt it was a great opportunity and if I didn’t like it I had my mums birthday and Christmas sorted for a while. It was a no lose situation.

I almost stopped a couple of times but I carried on and went to a conference. It was then I realised this is what I had been looking for, for years. Having fibromyalgia it’s very hard to keep a standard job and I had been looking for something that I could do and would pay. Since September when my son started school I have been working harder and it shows, my business is growing and growing.

If you would like the opportunity to earn a little extra a month or build a business please get in touch for a chat.
If you would like some free products, or to meet me and find out more about my journey or to book a party I would love to meet you and give you lots of lovely candles!

Oh yes, by the way. I now do candles! lol


Pollie Rafferty
Independent Party Consultant

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