Ray Dadswell Sunday Show. With Myrtle Martin

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Myrtle Martin visited Montero in 2007 while on holiday and immediately felt a sense of coming home, to the place God wanted her to be. She started the organization in 2009 after researching the needs of disabled people in the district with local friends, linking with the local Baptist Church.

The day centre was opened in 2010 and by 2011 Runaperu was employing a physiotherapist, Leo. An activities leader delivered skills-based sessions 3 days a week while the centre was open for physio treatments. This provided our young people with a peer group and a support network. Many had not been able to access State education and did not have skills which would help them to gain greater independence.

Julissa joined our team as the activities leader in 2016 and Yessica supports Leo as a physiotherapy assistant. Yessica is paid for by the mayor of Montero who fully supports our work. The team continues to visit people at home in the communities around the town twice a week.

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