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Do you ever read articles about foods you should and shouldn’t eat but you end up being more confused!?

Food Nutrition has been a hot topic for a while with lots of opinions on diets, superfoods and junk food.

Yummy Scrummy Me can help you wade through all the myths and hype and help you understand what foods are good for your health and which ones aren’t.

Most of us at some point in our lives will suffer from illnesses where there is no explanation and conventional medicine won’t cure.

Gut health is vitally important, if you can keep your gut healthy then everything else should just fall into place, but that means eating a healthy diet, it means changing your lifestyle.  Before you stop reading, there are ways and means to do this because no-one expects 100% perfection.  And yes, you can still have chocolate, wine and some of the other naughty things you like but in moderation.

My food nutrition journey started when I felt, sluggish, tired and unwell. Physical changes made me wonder what was going on.  I was fed up with the spotty face, the doctor just kept telling me to put cream on it…this was the first step in realising that doctors just want to get rid of something without actually looking for the cause.  They prescribe a pill or cream and that’s it, their job is done!  It didn’t solve my problem and I stayed miserable until I was lucky enough to find a health guru who explained to me about gut health.  He put me on a program which included an elimination diet and some top end supplements.

It was the best thing I ever did.  Seriously, I really mean it was the best thing….the spots disappeared and have never come back and I realised I didn’t need to put up with the issues I had and neither do you.

It spurred me on to learn more about food and nutrition, so one of my many hats is a Nutrition Adviser.

So, whether you are trying for a baby, want to lose weight for a special occasion, wedding, event or you want to feel and look better about yourself drop me an e-mail!

Yummy Scrummy Me

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